How to Make Sugar Daffodils

Hello, dear readers! Today, I would like to share with you a tutorial on how to make sugar daffodils! 

 The steps to Creating Sugar Daffodils

To make the stamen, make a pea-sized bit of yellow gumpaste and cover one of the ends of a toothpick. Let it dry. If you are decorating a cupcake or a mini cake you can use a toothpick, otherwise you can use a wire.

To make the trumpet part of the daffodil flower, shape a small ball of yellow paste into a cone. Dip a modeling stick into cornstarch and insert it into the head of the cone. Place on a cel pad and thin using a veining tool.

To shape the trumpet, pull out the edges with the dresden tool. Do this all the way around the cone.

Thread the stamen through the trumpet and roll out the paste back to secure it to the toothpick.

Make five petals. Mark lines on each using the pointed end of a veining tool.


Brush edible glue to the petals and attach one by one on the back of the trumpet.

You can learn how to make sugar forget me nots here.

Have a lovely week, everyone!