How to make Sugar Forget me Nots

Forget me nots also known as myosotis are little bright blue flowers that bloom in spring. They are very pretty to decorate cakes and cookies when made out of sugar. I prepared a tutorial on how to create these delicate flowers for the Cake Blog on the Italian Newspaper Corriere della Sera. Now you can see the steps in English here on my blog.


 The steps to Creating Sugar Forget Me Nots

To make the flower, form a pea-sized bit of blue gumpaste into a round ball. 

Shape one end of the ball into a cone. 

Dip a modeling stick into cornstarch and insert it into the head of the cone to a depth of about 1⁄8 in.


Using a sharp scissor, cut five slits, equally spaced, around the paste. 

Open the slits. These are called florets. The bottom of the flower is called trumpet. Hold the trumpet part of the flower in your nonwriting hand. Position your thumb under one of the florets and your index finger on top, or vise versa. Pinch the floret with medium pressure to flatten the petal. Use your thumb to press around the petal to give it a more natural and rounded shape. Press the tip of the modeling stick into the center of the flower to make a small cavity.

Make a small hook at one end of a 28-gauge florist wire. Dip the hook part into a little edible glue, wiping off any excess. Thread the unhooked part into the cavity of the flower and pull the wire through the trumpet. When the hook reaches the cavity, rotate the trumpet until the hook is eased through the cavity. Apply light to medium pressure at the trumpet to secure the wire to the paste. Stick the wired flower into the Styrofoam to allow the flower to dry. Drying time can be as little as 2 hours. To decorate the cookies is not necessary wire.

Mix a small amount of yellow powder pigment with a little clear vodka. Brush the inside of some of the flowers with the yellow color, leaving the center unpainted.

To petal dust the flower, brush a deeper shade of blue petal dust on each petal, but do not completely cover them.