Wedding Cake Class with Layla Pegado and Luciana Borges

Hello, my dear friends! Hope you are doing well!

I’m excited to share that my very lovely friend Layla Pegado and I will be teaching together a Wedding Cake Class this year!  Layla is an amazingly talented cake designer based in Bristol UK who has the unique ability to make cakes that not just look amazing but taste wonderfully great (check out her website at Layla and I met back in 2008  when I spent some time in England doing research for my doctorate degree and have since became wonderful friends. More than that, thanks to her I discovered the fascinating world of sugar paste and cake decorating after attending with her baking classes in Paris and NY.

Sugar flower arrangement by Lulu's Sweet Secrets.JPG

This is a hands-on 4-day class and will be held in Bristol, UK, starting on the 4th of April 2014.  I will  teach you how to create 8 different sugar flowers: peony, moth orchid, rose, English rose, lilac, dahlia, stephanotis and Angelique tulip. These intensive days will cover advanced techniques like veining, wiring and taping. You will learn how to create corresponding buds and leaves, how to use tools and how to do the colouring, painting, dusting and steaming of the petals and foliages. 

Sugar peonies, lilacs and stephanotis by Lulu's Sweet Secrets.JPG
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Sugar rose.JPG
Sugar rose.JPG
Sugar Rose.JPG
Sugar Flower arrangement by Lulu's Sweet Secrets.JPG
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Layla will teaching how to always reach 100% success in your baking followed by a baking demonstration by her and a hands on session with you making your own two tier cake with her. You will cut the layers, moist it and spread the filling, preparing the cake for the sugar paste. You will learn how to cover the cake with the sugar paste and make the sharp edge cake that is so beautiful and popular! You will then finish with me by learning on how to make floral arrangements to create stylish and professional looking cakes.  


Wedding Cake Class:

Dates: Friday to Monday, April 4-7, 2014

Location: Layla Pegado Cakes, Bristol, UK

Time: 10am to 6pm

Cost per person: £960

Deposit: £480

Payment: Paypal


Tools and supplies will be provided for use in class. Snacks, coffee, tea and a light lunch is also included.


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Thank you and we hope to see you in England!


Sugar flower arrangement by Lulu's Sweet Secrets