A Dessert Table for a Dear Friend


A couple of weeks ago was the birthday of my dear friend Simone. She asked me if I could style the dessert table, and of course that I accepted with much pleasure. But a dessert table is not complete without a birthday cake, so I made one special for her.


The cake consists of layers of butter sponge cake, brigadeiro filling and chocolate ganache as frosting. I also prepared homemade marshmallow fondant to cover it. As Simone wanted a colorful table, I designed some clay roses as cake topper, and used natural flowers to decorate the table. 


Besides the cake, there were more sweets treats. I made some cupcakes using my recipe of white chocolate cupcakes, and then Simone prepared dulce de leche frosting.  Our dear Portuguese friend, Dora, made a dessert that we call in Portuguese “tarte de natas”. She kindly gave me her recipe to share with you. It consists of heavy cream, condensed milk and gelatin. This portuguese dessert is a hit!



 "Tarte de Natas" or Serradura

(Dora Veríssimo) 


1 package Maria Cookies

472 ml heavy whipping cream

1 can sweetened condensed milk

3 egg whites

45g gelatin 


Dissolve the gelatin in hot water and set aside.

In a blender crush Maria cookies. Beat egg whites with a mixer until stiff peaks form. In another bow whip the heavy cream until thick.  Do not over whip. Mix in the condensed milk. Gradually mix the beaten eggs until combine.  Fold in the gelatin with a large metal spoon until just incorporated (don't overmix).

Layer in a glass alternating between the Maria cooking and the cream, finishing with Maria cookie crumbs. Serve chilled.