Teacup Cake and Sugar Roses

I love the combination between teacups and flowers. They are such a pretty and charming pair. When I ventured to make my first sugar rose I used a teacup to photograph it. At that time I received a comment suggesting that I should try to make a teacup cake too. I loved the idea but that would be a big challenge for me. I didn’t have the knowledge and practice to conquer that.

Almost 2 years late I decide to give it a try. I was inspired by the polka blue floral design from Royal Albert Fine China. I have a passion for all the patterns, but those lovely blue teacup with white polka dots and English country roses are my favorite.

Actually, I think my main motivation was the opportunity to paint the floral theme on the teacup cake. It has been a while that I want to publish some of my paintings, and I couldn’t think a better opportunity than this one. First I covered the cake with buttercream and fondant and molded into the teacup shape. Then I used gel food-coloring diluted with water for painting the rose. 

I also used some sugar roses and mini cakes for decoration. As I was so excited with my painting, I decided to cover mini cakes with fondant and paint them too. For making the teacup cake and mini cakes I used my delicious recipe of white chocolate cake