Green Fig Compote - Doce de Figo

Staying at my parent’s house has being wonderful.  Although my adorable new life in US, it is a privilege to eat my mother’s food again, especially those traditional and regional recipes. After the marolo candies, today I will share with you, my dear readers, Green Fig Compote. This is a classical sweet from Minas Gerais State made with green figs and sugar syrup. 

As figs are very fragile and also has a short "shelf life" (about a week), it is customary to find them in the dehydrated form. In Arabic, Turkish and Greek cuisine, for example, there are a plethora of sweets made with dried figs. But here in Minas we prefer to make compotes. Cooking fresh fruit with water and sugar is a tradition inherited from the colonization times.  But this tradition was also adapted for tropical fruits as cashew and green papaya. Fresh or dried, figs have many fibers, so it helps in intestinal function and enhances the feeling of satiety. They are also a source of potassium, which makes it perfect for those who likes sports and physical activities. 

My mother is an expert in fruit compotes, such as guava, papaya, pumpkin and orange peel compotes.  They are absolutely luscious! The biggest difference between those compotes and fig compote is the cooking process. The figs are not cook in boiling water with sugar, as the other ones. First, the figs are cooked just in pure water for one day, and then, only on the second day, the sugar is added.  To get intense green figs, you have to use a cooper pan; otherwise the figs will get a yellowish green color. The taste will not change if you use another pan, but for me they look more appetizing when they are intense green. Green fig compote is very good by itself or with whipped cream.

Green Fig Compote

2 pounds fresh green figs 
2 pounds sugar 

Wash figs in warm water and lightly rub each one with a cloth or knife. Cut into 4 wedges and let the edges attached. In a cooper pan over medium heat boil in water about 15 minutes and change the water. Repeat this processe during 1 hour or until the figs are cooked. This time the figs will be yellowish green.  Remove from heat and let stand overnight, at room temperature.

On the second day, change the water and let figs boiling about 15 minutes. The figs will change the color to intense green.  Change the water and add sugar. Cook until it becomes thick syrup. Cool the figs in the fridge. Arrange the figs on serving plates, drizzle the sugar syrup over them, and garnish with whipped cream.