Hi, my name is Luciana! I’m a Brazilian girl and I have a PhD in Chemistry. That's right! For a long time of my life, I desired to become a scientist. But everything changed when I met the cake designer Layla Pegado. Layla and I met back in 2008  when I spent some time in England doing research for my doctorate degree and have since we became wonderful friends. More than that, thanks to her I discovered the fascinating world of sugar paste and cake decorating after attending with her baking classes in Paris and NY.

Since I was a little girl, I am passionate about flowers. From the heirloom species to the simplest one, they are capable to incite the most beautiful felling on me. After my first attempt to make a sugar flower, I realized what I really want to do. Reproducing a flower and combining it with a delicious cake, has become my pleasure and a realization. I simply love what I do!